As a root of our growth, in TecnoAplicaciones we are committed to always provide our customers with the highest quality service; that meets the norms and standards required by the market for the manufacture of mechanized components and metal structures at any level of design, requirement or precision. This commitment, together with our human capital, constitute the basis for our success and the added value of our service.

We offer quality and competitive prices accordingly; using breakthrough technology, certified processes and a trained and competent human resource. A key way to achieve this is to operate a Quality Management System QMS in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2018.

The management line of TecnoAplicaciones is committed to:
  • To satisfy the applicable requirements guaranteeing that the client and the legal norms and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently fulfilled.
  • Continuous improvement of the QMS ensuring the risks and opportunities that could affect the compliance of our products and services and the ability to improve customer satisfaction are determined. The management line of TecnoAplicaciones must:
  • Take responsibility for the effectiveness of the QMS.
  • Ensure that the quality policy and quality objectives are established for the QMS and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the Company. The quality objectives have been established and are maintained as part of the internal audit processes, supervision and review of the QMS management to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Promote the use of a process and thought approach based on risk.
  • Ensure that the necessary resources for the QMS are available; including training, support and encouragement.
  • Communicate the importance of effective quality management and comply with the requirements of the QMS
  • Ensure that the QMS achieves the expected results.
  • Involve, direct and support people to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS.
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Support other relevant management functions to demonstrate their leadership as it is applied to their areas of responsibility.
  • Establish alliances with suppliers and stakeholders to provide a better service.

This policy will be communicated to all employees and organizations that work for us or on our behalf.

TecnoAplicaciones will publish and communicate this policy to all employees and organizations that work for us or on our behalf in order to obtain the proper cooperation in the implementation of this and will be reviewed annually by management and when deemed necessary it will be amended and reissued


TecnoAplicaciones S.A.S., is an environmentally conscious company and, as such, we recognize the potential environmental impact that our operations may have on our environment. In coordination with the Environmental Management Representative, we are responsible for the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and for ensuring that it is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the company and, ultimately, that it achieves the expected results.

Management promotes and is committed to the continuous improvement of the EMS, its continuous improvement through the establishment of documented and approved objectives that have been evaluated taking into account the risks and opportunities. The action plans have been established to achieve said objectives and are maintained as part of the EMS; which is maintained through internal audits, monitoring and management review processes whose results are finally communicated according to the standard.

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