TecnoAplicaciones S.A.S. was founded in 2003, thanks to the initiative of Engineer Ricardo Martínez; with the objective of to provide a technological, professional and reliable service that meets the needs and expectations of the Metal-Mechanic area and Metal Structures in the industry at reasonable costs.

Briefly the progress of TecnoAplicaciones:

  • 2007. First technological leap is generated from conventional machining processes towards CNC technology with the vision of surpassing the expectations of our customers in quality and at the same time to produce large volumes of product at reasonable costs.
  • 2010. The system of quality standards and international standardization required for the Manufacturing and Repair of Rotary Connections and Completion processes of the Oil sector is implemented; process that allowed TecnoAplicaciones to become an active participant in this market niche at national level.
  • 2012. The Deep Drilling - Rectification Technique is developed to meet requirements of the Military and Petroleum Industry.
  • 2016. ISO 9001 certification 2008 version is obtained .
  • 2016. A new modern operational plant is oppened with more than 1,500 m2 in a facility of San José Industrial Park at Funza municipality.
  • 2017. ISO 9001 certification, version 2015 is obtained
  • 2018. API 5CT and Spec Q1 certification process starts
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