Machining Plant

In TecnoAplicaciones we have the most modern CNC Machining Equipment in the plant; obtained to guarantee the fulfillment of the needs of our clients with the highest technical precision and engineering specifications of the market. Additionally, we make strategic alliances that allow us to continuously grow in our range of options to offer our clients


  • CNC Tool Room Lathe - Haas TL2. 16" x 48" (406 x 1219 mm) max cap., chip enclosure, 20" (508 mm) swing.
  • CNC High Volume Lathe - Hyundai Kia.
  • CNC Tool Room Lathe - Haas TL3B. 20" x 60" (508 x 1524 mm) max cap., 20" (508 mm) swing.
  • Tool Room Mill - Hass TM3. 40" x 20" x 16" (1016 x 508 x 406 mm), 40 taper.
  • Tool Room Mill - Hyundai Wia VX400. Table Size: 39.4" x 18.1" Table Load Capacity: 1323 lbs.
  • High Volume Tool Room Lathe-Mill - Hyundai Kia.
  • Wire Electrical discharge machining (EDM),.
  • Penetration Electrical discharge machining (EDM).
  • Special Horizontal Burnisher machine for Sleeve Manufacturing and ID's rectification.
  • Mortising Machine.
  • Gear Generator Machine.
  • Convencional Lathe.
  • Milling Machine.
  • Radial Drilling Machine.
  • Drilling Miller Machine.
  • Marking Machine.

Methalic Structures Plant

At TecnoAplicaciones we have the best TIG, MIG and Stick Coated Electrodes welding certified processes on the market, as well as all the electric hand tools, painting process necessary to produce a high quality products such as metal structures, tanks, racks and skids.

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